Sunpass plate number already registered

This company is not yet accredited. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. For something that should be a seamless process, it is a nightmare for most Floridians.

Sunpass will overcharge, double charge, and send you a bill with a photo of a car that is not your car. According to the newspaper, they have even sent bills to people who have died years ago but yet their corpses are still racking up tolls through Sunpass. They are unreasonable and rude and they defend their actions by saying they only make 10, mistakes every year and they think that number is acceptable. Florida deserves a better toll system.

Sunpass is not capable of accurately handling the job and should be replaced by a different system. I can't reclaim the hours of my life that I have spent on the phone with them over their mistakes.

SunPass in FL tip

I look forward to the day when they are replaced. Get buying tips about Utility Companies delivered to your inbox. I paid off what I owed and threw it away. Months later I received a bill. They explained I had incurred more tolls that I hadn't yet been billed for at the time of my last payment so I paid those too.

I thought I was done with sunpass. A few days ago I received an Mdx toll enforcement invoice which as usual I paid for, but first I was too lazy to grab the bill so I logged in to sunpass by redirect from mdx and searched for my bill by plate number.

I'm afraid the amount is growing on its own and I'm also afraid to call. I have been paying all of my toll by plate bills, why would I owe sunpass? I had a SunPass account and had it linked to my debt card thru Easy Pay.

I have been charged over dollars for tolls that weren't mine. When I spoke to customer service and a manager I was told there was nothing they could for me. Somehow the wrong license plate got linked to my account.

Even though they have a picture of the car and the license plate that wasn't mine they still won't refund my money and charge the right person.

I don't understand how they can do that to me. First, the registration process is confusing. It was the weekend so no customer support was available. I finally figured it out that you didn't have to leave credit card info so your account would automatically renew. When I pressed submit the page said you transponder is ready to use.

About 15 hrs to 16 hrs had elapsed. They said they couldn't because my transponder was activated less that 24 hrs. If you must get a toll pass get an E-Pass. They are FREE. People at E-Pass also appear to be friendlier. Just request it to be sent to you well before your trip. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.Login with Facebook. By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein.

Social Groups. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. May 24, 12, pm. Original Poster. SunPass in FL tip. Just wanted to post a tip that worked for us in FL. You can take off that sunpass transponder on the windshield ours was velcroed on and go into any CVS or other places listed on sunpass. Ask the cashier for a couple of pieces of scotch tape and stick those temporarily on the plastic box the sticker comes in.

Use your smartphone or whatever to create an account at sunpass. There is an option for registering your rental car. Choose that option and input the license plate and the duration of your rental. I added an extra ten dollars the min. It says it takes a couple of hours to be totally in the system Use the scotch tape to tape the sticker to the windshield.

I know the instructions say it needs to be stuck to the glass - but you don't need to remove the plastic backing to make it work.

sunpass plate number already registered

Just use the scotch tape. Now drive through the sunpass lanes easy peasy and don't worry about the awful fees Avis charges for using their toll system. You can even logon to your sunpass account and see that it is working and the tolls you were charged.

Unpaid SunPass Tolls: Reasons You Can’t Renew Your Tag Online

The roads to the orlando airport don't say Sunpass but they work with the sunpass system. This worked for us.Everybody in the previous postings talking only about SunPass transponder option and need of registratcion, activation, etc.

Seems like there is another option, where the state will make a picture of your plate number and will send you the bill. It will be 25 cents more per toll, but you don't need to buy or register anything, just go with your car :. Anybody used this option before? Can we go with out-of-state car everywhere, when the SunPass is required? We will be there just for two days. Seems you don't even have to preregister, just go with your car - you will get the bill by mail, no fees, no tickets - sounds to good to be true :-?

I have never heard a person "opting" for the bill-by-mail, so-to-speak. Usually getting the transponder is quick, easy and cheap. If I am not mistaken when you buy one you get credit on your account for what you paid or thereabouts. So just drive! My problem is that I'll be there for two days only, and would like to hit the road for Key West immediately - however, when you get a sunpass, seems it needs few hours to activate, and there is no way to verify if it is already active.

This is not cool, Floridanot cool You are driving your own carnot a rentalcorrect? Then I think it will work fine. It is available to my knowledge everywhere you pass through a Sunpass transponder. They simply photograph the plate and send a bil. And, you will eventually get a bill- but I think I saw a story recently about how many out of state cars are ignoring the bills, but I don't remember the rest of the story- let me see if I can come up with it.

I believe that you have an option to use either the toll-by-plate registration or the mini SunPass transponder. For US residents driving their own carsI think that both can be ordered and activated before arrival in Floridaso you can have everything ready to go before you even cross the state line.

I am a fan of the SunPass, especially if you plan to return to Florida anytime in the near future, because it gets you a discount on the Turnpike and there is no monthly charge. On the other hand, if this is only for two days and probably never again, I can see why it doesn't matter much which you choose.

If you are driving a rental, the situation is different because you cannot activate before arrival. However, you may also be prevented by using toll-by-plate, because the plate may already be registered to your rental company, which may offer you the same service for either a slight, or a hefty, fee -- depending on who you use.

Hopefully it is accepted everywhere, when the Sunpass is accepted. Note that the mini SunPass is merely a thick windshield sticker -- with a RFID transponder built in -- that does not need to be returned. However, it is designed to be non-transferable from car to car.

Unless there has been a recent change, the charge includes a toll credit of the same amount, so the mini SunPass is essentially free. As said above, I think you can use either alternative as you prefer. I believe that toll-by-plate is accepted at all Turnpike locations where the SunPass can be used, but I'm not sure if it works on non-Turnpike bridges, etc. Yes, but the mini sticker can take up to 24 hrs for activation depending on when you activate it and what sort of credit card you use- so not great for those who need to use it immediately.

sunpass plate number already registered

My understanding is that it might be activated by 4: 30 pm or possibly not till early the following am. And I believe the only way you will know is to listen to be sure you hear the tone- as you go througha toll and then of course if it is not activated yet it will be too late. In the case of a non rental carI think toll by plate is the best idea.

SunPass is accepted on all Florida toll roads, and SunPass customers pay the lowest toll rates available.Think this has been clarified, but there are no issues with the windshield mounted Sunpass on Model 3, correct? Can anyone positively confirm is these stickers HAVE to be mounted?

Or do they simply run your tag through the EV database? We have a sunpass account and just added our tag number to the account instead of using the receiver on the windshield. I believe this is correct, but you should always have your tag linked to your account.

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If for some reason the reader doesn't pickup your car, they'll try the tag too. If they don't get either, they send you a notice and you can then add the transaction, but that take more time. CYA, use both transponder and tag to avoid issues down the road. I haven't mounted my stickers yet as I hate the way they look. But, I also haven't used the express lane yet with my Tesla. You MUST have the HOV sticker to go in an HOV lane without more passengers not sure what a cop would do if they stopped you and you showed it to them, but they'd probably be annoyed you didn't post it.

Personally, I have the items stored in my car until I actually think I'm going to use them for the first time, because I hate the look. But, if I commuted in these lanes frequently, I would have sacrificed. I think you'll get a ticket if HOV sticker is not attached. They send you a metal plate for SunPass mini to cover it when in Express lane and a bag for the removable SunPass.

The GA express lanes also use our Sunpass, but we don't have separate stickers for those. Yes, sunpass works fine through the Model 3 windshield. I use it all the time. No issues. I just stuck it in the same place I would in any car -- behind the mirror from the driver's point of view. Tanya, don't think they'll end up with a citation for Express based on cameras. That said, their website does indicate that law enforcement can monitor video from the gantries and issue violations.

Presumably, this is why the stickers are needed but I'm not sure given the lack of a pull over lane in the express lanes that in practice this actually happens much : "Enforcement beacons on the gantry structures will alert Florida Highway Patrol troopers monitoring the lanes when a vehicle without a transponder passes underneath.

The vehicle could be a 95 Express violator if it does not meet the occupancy requirements and is not registered. Enforcement cameras, accessible by law enforcement in their vehicles, will enable troopers to see vehicles before and after they pass under the gantry, and to watch for illegal movement in and out of the express lanes through the plastic poles.

This is what I want to get a concrete answer to. I just want to find out now if any camera or sensor somehow picks up the 95 Express sticker, or if it's all tag based so why the sticker then? They answer questions pretty quick. Here is their email: info ride. Just out of curiosity: Any particular reason you went with a SunPass rather than or in addition to a Peach Pass?

We have Peach Passes on our cars, but they will work in Florida if we need to drive on the Sunshine Skyway, Pinellas Bayway, Selmon Expressway or any other state toll road while we're visiting our old stomping grounds.

When the toll lanes opened that we regularly use, we already had the SunPass, so didn't bother getting a PeachPass. If I could get the no-charge PP with my vanity tag, I'd do that, but 1 you can't get it unless you have the AFV tags which can't be personalizedand 2 I don't think it works on the particular stretches that we use anyway.We are travelling in, and around, Miami in December and realise that there are cashless tolls in the area.

As we are renting our car through Dollar it is our plan to purchase a mini sunpass prior to arriving in the Miami area we will be on road trip and travelling to Miami from New Orleans. My question is regarding activating the pass - from what I have read we would need to phone up to activate the pass, however, at this stage we will be travelling without a cell phone - is there another option for activation Use a pay phone - they are still available. Or ask the store clerk where you buy the Mini to use their phone.

It should be a no-charge call. Those stickers will not be all that easy to take off the rental car windshield, and they don't sell the regular transponder at Publix anymore.

sunpass plate number already registered

You can also activate if you have a laptop www. Hi Wendy, it also takes several hours to activate, to be on the safe side I would give it 24 hours. Make sure they take down the plate number of the rental. Yes, for the longest time. I don't think it was ever below 5c, but it was that well into the 's at many places, some had switched to 10c by then.

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In the very early days before payphones there were "pay stations" with a full time operator who collected money based on the duration of your call, and I assume placed the call for you.

This concept still survives in some foreign countries. If you are not going south of Miami like south of MIA airport and on to the Homestead Extension of the Turnpike, I doubt you would need a SunPass of any kind as I think there are cash options in every other stretch of highway.

You might e-mail the Sunpass Office to verify in case they have made changes I don't know about further north- but last I knew only the stretch of Turnpike south of Miami into the Keys was completely cashless and elsewhere in the state if you stay out of SunPass only lanes you would never need a Sunpass of any kind nor would you need to take the Sunpass option from Dollar.

If you want to contact Sunpass directly with your routing to be sure there are cash options for all of it. That's right, there are only three - the turnpike, Don Shula Expressway and the Snapper Creek Expressway, and only certain portions of those - and there is no need to drive on them to go to any of the main tourist areas.

They are great to have if you're commuting to and from work from Florida City or the Keys, but for basic tourist travel decline the transponder and just don't use those three stretches of highway.

Hertz, Avis, Alamo, National, all are better about that - you are charged only a nominal amount and only if you actually use the Sunpass lanes - if you don't use them you don't pay.Facebook Twitter linkedIn When it comes to online tag renewala few unpaid SunPass tolls can get in your way.

The Florida Department of Transportation enforces toll processes vigilantly these unpaid SunPass violations can eliminate your ability to renew.

Where to install Sunpass - Exact mounting location for Sunpass!

Unfortunately, many drivers encounter unpaid tolls all the time, having not known outstanding violations were tied to their name. SunPass can be used on other tolls, giving you the chance to pass through their designated SunPass lanes. Any mismanagement of funds, however, can lead to unpaid passes halting the ability to take car of necessary renewals. Unpaid tolls to SunPass, or to any Florida toll company for that matter, will result in a future registration hold.

A SunPass, meanwhile, is a general toll coverage company for the entire state of Florida. Your account information can be incomplete, resulting in an inactive pass. Check the SunPass portal and look at your account information. Do you move around often? Again, failure to pay any documents by their stated due dates can result in further accrual of violations.

Failure to pay any of these Florida tolls will result in higher fees in the future. Trust us: The extra vigilance pays dividends in the long run. Pay a SunPass toll violation as quickly as possible and take extra care when driving through the Orlando or Miami Dade area.

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Call SunPass at Do I have repay if I tried to renew my tags through etags but was told that my registration was on hold? I already paid the tolls and the registration is clear to be renewed. Do I have to repay? In Florida, eTags only charges your credit card IF your order was successfully renewed.

If we were unable to process your order due to tolls, you will only be charged by eTags if you submit a NEW order. You can do this by visiting eTags. Your information from your earlier attempt should still show. My mother co-signed for daughter and of course she had unpaid tolls.

My mother ordered the tag a week ago but found out last night that there is a stop on the renewal. I spoke to my daughter today and she paid the tolls today, here us my question. I have a personalized tag from another state, and the website will not recognize it on line.Road tripping would be a whole lot easier if you didn't have to wait in line to pass through all those pesky toll booths.

Now, folks traveling through the Sunshine State can conveniently wiz by at a breezy 25 miles per hour in the electronic toll collection lane thanks to SunPass, Florida's version of the Northeast's E-ZPass system. These days, most of Florida's highways are collecting tolls by all-electronic technology. The SunPass system makes traveling these roads easier. An electronic transponder attaches to your windshield, allowing you to drive through designated SunPass, E-Pass, and O-Pass lanes without stopping.

The tolls are automatically deducted from a prepaid account. It works in Georgia and North Carolina, too. Because motorcycles don't have glass windshields, they're only able to use the Portable variety. Once attached to your windshield, the transponder transmits a radio signal to sensors mounted on the SunPass toll lanes, themselves. Instantly, the transponder relays the proper toll amount and deducts it from your prepaid account.

When registering your SunPass transponder, you will be prompted to create a low-balance threshold and a pre-set renewal amount. This way, you don't have to worry about your SunPass balance getting too low because it will automatically renew to the amount you set.

Automatic balance renewal also puts you at an advantage because you become a SunPass Plus member, meaning that you can use your SunPass to pay for parking at the previously mentioned parking lots. If your SunPass balance is too low to cover the full parking fee, the rest is deducted from your credit card and the balance on your SunPass is replenished.

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Everything You Need to Know About Florida's SunPass

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